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Guru Traditional Ayurveda Manali is now also providing best ayuervedic treatment in himachal. A NEW ALL ROUNDER is getting ready to launch. “”Natural Gift “” Analgesic (Pain-Killing),Anti-Bacterial,Anti-Inflammatory,Anti-Ulcer,Anti-Cholinergic,Anti-Fungal,Ant-Hypertensive,Antioxidant,Antispasmodic,Antiviral,Bronchodilator Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor (Anti-Diabetic),Hepatoprotective (Liver Protecting),Hypotensive,Insulin,Sensitizing,Interferon Inducer,Leukotriene,Antagonist,Renoprotective (Kidney Protecting),Tumor Necrosis ,Factor Alpha Inhibitor. These pharmacological actions are only a subset of a far wider number of beneficial properties of “NATURAL GIFT”. While it is remarkable that this has the ability to positively modulate so many different biological pathways, this is actually a rather common occurrence among traditional plant medicines. We have Following Treatments Available at our Clinic in Manali:-


Ayur Kizhi (Hot Fomentation)

Natural Insulin Booster

What is Insulin Sensitivity, and How Does NATURAL INSULIN BOOSTER IMPROVES it? When you eat food, your body breaks it down into various substances, one of which is glucose, or blood sugar. Your pancreas releases the hormone insulin into your blood, which tells your liver, muscles, and fat tissue to take the glucose from the blood and store it. Your liver and muscles store the glucose as a substance known as glycogen, and your fat cells store it as as a substance known as triglycerides. The storage of glycogen expands the size of muscle cells, and the storage of triglycerides expands fat cells. Now, in healthy humans, cells are sensitive to insulin. That is, they respond to insulin properly by taking in the glucose that the insulin is trying to shuttle out of your blood stream. The more sensitive your cells are to insulin, the better they respond to its presence in your blood. As insulin sensitivity increases, your body needs to produce less insulin to successfully convince its cells to absorb glucose, and it accomplishes this quicker. This is a good thing, and helps maintain a lean, healthy body. As cells become insulin resistant, however, they fail to respond to insulin in the ways they should. The body must then produce more insulin to force its cells into action, and the insulin must remain in the blood longer to get the cells to take the glucose. This is a bad thing, and leads to weight gain (especially in the abdominal region), increased risk of cardiovascular disease, sleepiness, high blood pressure, and more. (And as a side note, type 2 diabetes is a condition wherein your cells have become very resistant to insulin and your body simply cannot produce enough to make them respond properly anymore. NATURAL INSULIN BOOSTER when they eat to strong arm their cells into accepting glucose .


People can have gallstones without knowing it but if one becomes trapped they can cause horrific pain. There is plenty that you can do to prevent them forming � Here are 10 simple tips. 1. Avoid sugar and products containing sugar. People who consume excessive amounts of sugar are more likely to form gallstones 2. Avoid all animal fat and meat, saturated fats (found primarily in meat), full-fat dairy products, fried foods, spicy foods, margarine, soft drinks, chocolate, and refined carbohydrates 3. Steer clear of oxylate-rich foods. Oxylates are chemical compounds that are found in most kidney stones. Foods high in oxylates include beer, chocolate, spinach and rhubarb 4. Avoid salt as high salt diets are linked with an increased risk of kidney stones 5. Include gallbladder friendly foods such as beetroot, artichoke, chicory and radish into meals. These help your gallbladder to function well 6. Introduce lecithin granules into the diet on a daily basis to help to deal with any fats in the diet 7. Get plenty of soluble fibre in your diet including the nutrient dense oats, flaxseed and plenty of leafy greens. These prevent constipation which is linked to an increased risk of gallstones 8. Drink at least 1.5 litres of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids a day 9. Juice carrot, beetroot and cucumber all of which can help to support gall-bladder function 10. Include digestive enzymes and good bacteria in your diet. They can be really useful to support your digestive system Exclusive ayurdevic cure Available at :- Guru traditional Ayurveda and spa Before old Manali bridge clubs house Road Manali Distt. kullu pin 175131 Himachal Pradesh Phone 01902253013, 09961512093, 09816009213

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